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Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Aiyana Stanley-Jones

7-year-old child killed by police officer in Detroit provided by : 4WardEver UK compiled from various sources : June 2010 Updates on this case will be listed at the foot of this item 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones was asleep on a living room sofa when she was shot once in the neck after […]

Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Aiyana Stanley-Jones (Cont’d)

This is not the first incident involving a gun and children for Weekley. The Detroit News revealed that in a 2009 federal lawsuit he was accused of being part of a team that broke into a home, shot two dogs and pointed a pistol at children. In an interview with […]

Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Where is justice for Aiyana?

The family of 7-year-old Aiyana Jones, who was murdered by Detroit police more than two years ago, saw a small legal victory recently, as a motion to dismiss charges of involuntary manslaughter against Officer Joseph Weekley was denied on March 8.

Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Police with weapons of war too often kill

Nine-year-old Aiyana Jones was sleeping on the couch next to her grandmother when a SWAT team threw a “flashbang” through the window of her Detroit, Michigan home. The “flashbang” – a stun grenade originally developed for wartime raids – immediately set fire to Aiyana’s blanket.

Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Police shot girl, 7, during TV show filming

An attorney representing the family of a seven-year-old girl who was shot to death during a raid in Detroit said the police operation was flawed and was influenced by TV production concerns.

Aiyana Jones was shot and killed as she slept on a living room sofa after an officer’s gun went off as police searched the house for a suspect.

Attorney Karri Mitchell told The Detroit News that the police “were excited; they were on TV”. “They didn’t have to throw a grenade through the front window when they knew there were children in there,” the attorney said.

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