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updated: 16 June 2019

Help raise funds for the National Memorial Family Fund by advertising your event, conference, screenings and initiatives on the 4WardEverUK website.

“Get Your Advert Seen”

Our prices start from from just 75p per day or £23.00 per month (the minimum display period is 21 days).

Adverts displayed on this website are image or text based PNG, GIF (including animated GIF’s) or JPEG banners in the dimensions of 728 by 90 pixels or 340 by 280 pixels.

You can provide your banner or we can design or compile them for you from just £27.00 each.

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There are other ways you can help the fund!

  1. Do you run a business or enterprise? Get involved in the Two-Way Give-Back scheme or Shop & Support online
  2. Commit your organisation or enterprise to making a one-off donation or regular donation (click here)
  3. Organise specific fundraisers or donate part of your events income (see sample here)
  4. Use our PowerPoint presentation at your events (click here)
  5. Get DIY marketing resources to support the fund (click here)

Other Fund Initiatives

4WardEverUK, Migrant Media, and Catalyst 4 Change CIC joined forces in 2019/20 and received a grant from the Edge Fund for a national sessional event organiser.

The project is essentially the provision of a sessional role for a National Organiser who would identify and manage opportunities for up to 3 major pay-to-attend events each year which will help to raise awareness of deaths and abuse in state custody, galvanize collaboration and raise money for the National Family Fund.

“Can you help? Pledge a donation and tell a friend”

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