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Credit: CY Film Production - War Matters

4WardEver hosts film screening – War Matters

War Matters chronicles 10 years of anti-war protest in the city of London through the story of Brian Haw, a veteran peace campaigner who camped in Parliament Square, London for over 10 years protesting against the war in Iraq, and examines the British arms trade and the repercussions of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars in London.

Oscar Grant: True tale leaves big impression

In the early morning hours of Jan. 1, 2009, Oakland police pulled four black men off a train car for fighting. During the melee, a transit officer pulled out his gun and shot 22-year-old Oscar Grant in the back as Grant was lying face down on the ground, with his hands restrained behind his back.

4WardEver Sounds 4 Justice

Since its development in 2004 4WardEver has maintained its primary function and ethos, to provide news and information relating to deaths in custody, and exposing the injustices of capital punishment, torture and state terror.