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The Secret Policeman

The Secret Policeman

Mark Daly spent months working as a policeman in Manchester. His fellow officers were unaware that their colleague was, in fact, an undercover journalist who was trying to discover if racism lurked among their ranks.

IPCC probe after a Birmingham man dies in police custody

An investigation has started after a 39-year-old man died shortly after being taken into police custody. Lloyd Butler, from Sheldon, Birmingham, was arrested following a call from his family that he was drunk and incapable.

He was put in a cell at 1215 BST on 4 August and kept under observation due to his poor condition, the Independent Police Complaints Commission said. West Midlands Police checked on him at 1515 BST then started first aid. He was taken to hospital but declared dead.

Her long struggle ends in death…

The woman who was shot and killed by police after she allegedly slashed three officers in her home yesterday morning had a history of mental illness, yet attempts to provide her treatment had failed, right up until the hours before the shooting, according to police, court records, and interviews with friends and neighbors.