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The police, gangs and racism

Patrick Williams of Manchester Metropolitan University discusses recent research demonstrating that the police in Manchester are disproportionately, and wrongly, identifying young black, asian and minority ethnic people as being gang members. Why are 89% of people on the Manchester Police gang database from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background?

Capital Punishment

Time the entire world barred capital punishment

In the Grassmarket in central Edinburgh, a round stone known as the “shadow of the gibbet” marks the site’s history as an execution spot. While capital punishment continued in Britain long past the last Grassmarket execution in 1784 – the last hanging in Scotland was as late as 1963 – this memorial to such a gruesome practice is an important reminder that barbarity is a part of our history.

Coroners Courts

Bereaved families wait up to seven years for inquests

Grieving families are having to wait up to seven years to find out what caused the death of loved ones, as evidence mounts of growing backlogs of inquests, with which coroners are struggling to cope. Coroners’ courts investigate the medical cause of death, particularly if it appears to be sudden, unnatural or violent.

Chuka Umunna - Image credit www.youtube.com

Umunna demands justice for Cherry Groce

Chuka Umunna has called on the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to give a full, public and meaningful apology for the way in which the Police failed both Cherry Groce and her family at the time of her shooting by the Metropolitan Police in 1985 and in the decades since.