The Tribunes

Caution: some graphic images and strong language!

The Tribunes of the Oppressed hail from Salford, Bradford, London and Derby via Kinshasa… their philosophy is to stand with the oppressed against the oppressor. “…no nation that oppresses another can itself be free.” Suggested Marx.

Drummer Danny the Red and bassist William Blake, for two years were the rhythm section of Mick Jones (The Clash) new band CarbonSilicon. It was here that they planted the seed of The Tribunes with guitarist Bradford, long-time collaborator.

The Tribunes contributed two tracks to the INJUSTICE CD “Strange Fruit” and “Cell Death (9 to 5)”, a track written in direct response to the death of Christopher Alder, a(nother) black man who died on the floor in full view of police officers and CCTV cameras. No cop stood trial.

The Tribunes of the Oppressed supported the family of Jean Charles de Menezes in their fight for justice, murdered in cold blood by the state executioners of the Metropolitan Police… No cop stood trial.

The Tribunes of the Oppressed stands with the Muslim community against the fascist BNP and its attack dogs in The Sun, The Daily (hate) Mail and the Daily Express, MI5 and the armed police backed by Labour politicians and racist Tory bigots.

Refugees, and Polish workers are welcome here… as is anyone too poor to survive in their own lands or escaping the repression of their own murderous governments backed by our murderous government… Rupert Murdoch and his parasitic friends are not!

The Tribunes of the Oppressed stand with the Palestinian people in their struggle for national liberation, against the US/UK backed apartheid settler state Israel. We stand shoulder to shoulder with those people of Jewish faith who like us, also reject Zionism.

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Finally, The Tribunes of the Oppressed call for an end to all imperialist wars… in fact all wars except the right of the poor to wage war against the rich.

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