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This section includes books and publications related to human and civil rights, race and society, history, law, government, personal accounts etc.

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Book - Book - Capitalism and Slavery by Eric WilliamsCapitalism and Slavery
(Eric Williams)
This landmark 1944 study revealed the connections between capitalism and racism. It traces the rise and fall of the Atlantic slave trade through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and how it laid the foundations of the Industrial Revolution, and racism.

The Louder I Will Sing: A story of racism, riots and redemption
(Lee Lawrence)
Charting his 30-year battle for justice for his mother who was seriously injured in a police raid, Lee Lawrence’s powerful memoir is a call to action against police cover-ups and the systematic racism underpinning many of Britain’s vital institutions.

Name/TitlePublication Summary
A 'Bleak House' for Our TimesIn true Dickensian fashion, a new report by Tim Cleary reveals the appalling treatment of society's forgotten victims, namely female rape survivors and torture victims held at Yarl's Wood Removal Centre.
And Still I RiseIf ever the judicial system, our government, and the general attitude of the majority white community has ever been so comprehensively challenged, then it is thanks to the determination of Doreen Lawrence and her family.
Black Resistance to British Policing - Racism, Resistance and Social ChangeAs police racism unsettles Britain's tolerant self-image, this book details the activism that made movements like Black Lives Matter possible. Elliott-Cooper analyses racism beyond prejudice and the interpersonal - arguing resistance confronts global systems of racial injustice.
Bring on the ApocalypseIn this series on money, religion, war, power, culture and nature, George Monbiot explains why we are heading into a very uncertain future in which peace and sound politics are paramount to our survival.
By Any Means NecessaryBy Any Means Necessary consists of lectures (including responses to audience questions) as well as interviews by reporters both hostile and friendly. His revolutionary strategy for confronting and overcoming the oppression of African-Americans in the 1960s is applicable today for the working class and oppressed people everywhere.
Catching History on the Wing‘Catching History on the Wing: Race, Culture and Globalisation’ is part of Pluto’s 21st birthday series ‘Get Political’, which brings essential political writing by Marx, Lenin, Fanon et al to a new audience.
Foreigners: Three English LivesThe stories of Francis Barber, Randolph Turpin and David Oluwale are told in a different, perfectly realized voice. Each illuminates the complexity and drama that lie behind the tragedy of their lives.
Free to Protest' guide (UK edition pdf)A guide to police surveillance is a collection of bite-sized guides about high-tech police surveillance at protests, including tips and strategies about how you can protect yourself from being identified, tracked and monitored.
Freedom Next Time‘Freedom Next Time’ was first published on 5 June 2006. This is John Pilger’s first major collection since ‘The New Rulers of the World’ and includes chapters on Afghanistan, Palestine, South Africa and India.
I Write What I LikeI Write What I Like contains a selection of Biko’s writings from 1969, when he became the president of the South African Students’ Organization, to 1972, when he was prohibited from publishing.
Introducing the Commission (CCRC) (pdf)This publication is provided by the Criminal Cases Review Commission. Includes background to the commission and its purpose, and advice relating to taking out a complaint or request for a case review.
Investigated or Ignored?The Institute of Race Relations publishes a report that shows serious deficiencies in the criminal justice system’s response to race-related killings. Since the publication of the Macpherson report in 1999, at least ninety-three people have lost their lives as a result of racially motivated attacks in the United Kingdom.
Just LawHelena Kennedy challenges the record of modern governments, even, or especially, ‘benign’ democracies.
Legal Representation (CCRC) (pdf)This publication is provided by the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC). It includes advice and information about your legal rights and your access to legal representation when applying to the CCRC.
No SmokeA shocking, but true, discovery that innocent people are being locked up in our prisons, and being convicted of some of the most horrific crimes imaginable on a regular basis. These are not one-off, tragic mistakes, but rather, an outline, everyday occurrence.
Racial Justice and Social Transformation: How Funders Can ActRacial Justice and Social Transformation is a report which the authors are proud to share with all those interested in advancing racial justice in the UK. It is a report which seeks to inject ambition into the British funding landscape and create a clear roadmap for action.
Rebel, Rebel: The Protestor’s HandbookStep by step, journalist and activist Bibi van der Zee reveals just how easy it is to launch, publicise and fund a campaign and how to organise everything from boycotts, protest marches and direct action.
Refugee Children in the UKExplores the diverse situations of refugee and asylum-seeking children in the UK and the hostile reception that very often creates barriers to their educational success.
Review of Sections 135 & 136 of the Mental Health ActSection 135 of the Mental Health Act gives UK police new powers to enter private premises with a warrant to remove a persons in need of a mental health assessment. Section 136 gives them powers to remove someone from a public place to a 'place of safety'.
Sickle Cell and the Social SciencesSickle cell disease (SCD) is a severe chronic illness and one of the world’s most common genetic conditions, with 400,000 children born annually with the disorder, mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa, India, Brazil, the Middle East and in diasporic African populations in North America and Europe.
The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.This is definitely the best biography on Dr. King. It covers his life very well and without much opinion, Clayborne Carson gives you a very clear picture of his life. Having transcripts of telegraphs, letters, and speeches added a lot to this book. If you are looking for a way to find out about Dr. King, this is the book to read.
The InfidelAyaan Hirsi Ali tells her astonishing life story, from her traditional Muslim childhood in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, and Kenya, to her intellectual awakening and activism in the Netherlands, and her current life under armed guard in the West.
The 'Invisible Man' : in the age of Trayvon and JordanWith his widely read novel “Invisible Man,” Ralph Ellison ignited a conversation and an awareness of racial alienation in America that had the potential to help bridge the gap between the nation’s races.
The Ten Types of HumanThis book will introduce you to ten people. In a way, you already know them. Only you don’t – not really. In a sense, they are you. Only they’re not entirely. They inform and shape the most important decisions in your life. But you’re almost certainly unaware of their intervention. They are the Ten Types of Human.
The Wretched of the EarthThose reviews that castigate Fanon for “glorifying violence” ought to be ignored. Fanon is writing, among other things, a phenomenology of anti-colonialism. It is meant neither as a recommendation nor a condemnation but as a description of the objective truth.
Unpeople: Britain's Secret Human Rights AbusesBritain has been complicit in the deaths of ten million people. Those whose lives are seen as expendable in the pursuit of Britain ‘s economic and political goals across the globe.
We Want Freedom: A Life in the Black Panther PartyThe ward-winning journalist and political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal provides a compelling insider’s account of one of America’s most renown radical organizations ever known, the Black Panther Party.
Women, Punishment and Social JusticeThe prison has often been the focus for concerns about human rights violations, and campaigns aimed at achieving social justice, for those with an interest in the criminalisation of women. To reduce the number of women imprisoned, a range of policy initiatives have been developed to increase the use of community-based responses for women.


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