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Art & Soul was a small event with a big spirit, all who attended were touched by the messages of hope and solidarity.

The 4WardEver Campaign worked in association with Migrant Media and the Free Tony Egbuna Ford Campaign to stage this event in support of the fight for Justice of Tony Ford, another innocent victim of the Texas State capital punishment killing machine; and solidarity with all the other innocent inmates held in US prisons under sentence of death.

This event, which took place on 24th March 2007 in London , also included a show of solidarity with families fighting against deaths and abuses in custody in the United Kingdom, and a screening of award winning US film DEADLINE.

By Tippa Naphtali (4WardEver & Mikey Powell Campaign)

Tony Egbuna Ford has been incarcerated on Death Row in the State of Texas for 14 years based upon flimsy and inappropriately tested evidence. He was the unwitting driver for two brothers who went to a house in El-Paso to collect a drug debt in 1991.

The brothers forced their way in to the property but didn’t find the man they were looking for. They demanded money from a woman at the address then shot each of the four family members, killing the son, seriously injuring the mother and wounding two young women.

Since making contact with Tony’s wife almost a year ago, our passion for Tony’s case and the broader issues concerning the system of capital punishment in the United States and elsewhere has grown.  This event was the first joint venture with an affected family in our attempt to get greater international exposure for the case of Tony and others like him.

Throughout his contact with us Tony has remained selfless and supportive.
This is a remarkable man who can see beyond his own personal and extreme plight and empathize with others – a rare gift!

When We Come Together
By Tony Egbuna Ford

Often, people from different walks of life cannot see the commonality they share with each other. People will separate themselves for any number of reasons. From religion, race, gender, class… Sadly, such separation has found its way into the struggle community. The good news however, is that just as different religions, races, genders and classes have come together to form a collective voice against societal injustice in all its forms, so too can the struggle community.

Recently another event was held in London, UK, called ‘Art & Soul: Voices from Death Row’, which highlighted my fight for Justice and Freedom from Texas ’ notorious death row. Alongside this was highlighted the senseless death of brotha Mikey Powell, who died in police custody. Also in attendance in support of our cause was a very gifted filmmaker – whose documentary ‘INJUSTICE’……… And yes, alongside the people standing solidly and firmly to find a common cause to unite affected families and friends, artists of various types.

And finally, YOU, the common man and woman. Because without you, our voices could not find any ground to stand on. This event, held on March 24th, 2007 brought all these various voices together showing that we do have a commonality. And that yes, we do stand together.

When we come together, we not only show that we support each other’s plight, but also that we empathize with each other’s sorrow, pain and loss. It has been said that an injustice in one place is an injustice for everyone. By uniting across the wide spectrum as we have within the struggle community, we show that we will stand against injustice and stand with those of particular struggles against injustice wherever it may be.

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