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Mark Duggan

Fingerprints and DNA not found on gun

Mark Duggan’s DNA and fingerprints were not found on a gun which police claim he was holding when he was killed, a jury heard today. Mr Duggan was shot dead by armed police officers in Ferry Lane, Tottenham, when the minicab he was travelling in was stopped in August 2011.

15th Annual UFFC Demo October 2013

The 2013 annual demonstration took place on 26th October in London and was attended by over 250 people. Those in attendance included relatives of Mark Duggan, Thomas Orchard, Sean Rigg, Roger Sylvester, Anthony Grainger, Joy Gardner, Olaseni Lewis and many more. UFFC said; “High profile Inquests continue to give rise to disturbing accounts given by state officials, which are implausible and/or improbable. Imminent Inquests will no doubt hear further implausible accounts.”

Leslie Thomas

The lawyer who speaks for the voiceless

Leslie Thomas, a barrister who has spent the past 20 years fighting for families whose loved ones have died while in police custody has been recognised for his work. This year Thomas is set to take up what may be one of his biggest challenges to date. He will fight the cases, as lead barrister, at the inquests of Mark Duggan.

Jermaine Baker

Jermaine Baker

Shot dead in ‘planned’ police operation from various sources – May 2017 contributions by – Kelly Averill Updates on this case will be listed at the foot of this item Jermaine Baker, aged 28, a father-of-two from Tottenham, north London, was killed by a single shot to the neck from […]