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2013 Rally & Procession

15th Annual protest & rally… all image credits: various parties (see image notes) See the full gallery on Flickr > Did you take any of these pictures? Let us know so that we may credit your work accordingly. To contact us Click Here The 2013 annual demo took place on 26th […]

Rally & Procession 2013

15th annual rally & protest march… all credits: Larry Fedja published: 28 October 2012 The 2013 annual demonstration took place on 26th October in London and was attended by over 250 people. Those in attendance included relatives of Mark Duggan, Thomas Orchard, Sean Rigg, Roger Sylvester, Anthony Grainger, Joy Gardner, Olaseni Lewis […]

On The Web (Issue 28)

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National Fathers Day vigils Pt2

Dena Whitmore (Birmingham) “Yesterday I attended the Father’s Day Vigil for those in the Midlands area who have died in Police Custody in collaboration with the Midlands community, The United Family and Friends Campaign, Birmingham Strong4Justice and 4WardEver UK. “Some of those who have deceased were not yet fathers but […]

National Fathers Day vigils make a mark (Pt2)

On 17th June 2012 people gathered at peaceful vigils to remeber fathers that have died in police, prison, mental health and immigration detention. These peaceful vigils took place in Manchester, Birmingham, Central London, Brixton, Tottenham, Sheffield, Slough, High Wycombe and a number of other locations across the country.


“We Remember” let us know if you find broken links, out-of-date or incorrect material on this page…. thanks! Access the websites of family campaigns and websites in the United Kingdom and abroad. See Part 2 > Campaigns in the UK: Non-Custody Campaigns UK & Related: Memorials in the UK & […]