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Kingsley Burrell

Kingsley Burrell (Cont’d)

Bishop Llewellyn Grayham of Church of God of Prophesy said; “We need to see a thorough independent investigation and the officers responsible brought to account. There are far too many cases where a healthy young black men has gone into the system and in a very short time have ended […]

Kingsley Burrell - United We Must Stand

Justice 4 Kingsley Burrell

Kingsley died in extremely suspicious circumstances in Birmingham in 2011. It is reported that Kingsley called the police after he tried to talk to a group of young people who were intimidating him and his 5 year old son.

Kingsley Burrell

Kingsley Burrell

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UFFC 2020 Online Memorial Video Feature

Online Memorial Event 2020

source: 4WardEverUK published: 1 November 2020 In October 2020 the United Families and Friends Campaign (UFFC) 22nd annual protest and rally moved online with a powerful video tribute that remembered the victims and heard from some of the families affected. UFFC extended their thanks to Ken Fero of Migrant Media […]

Families at public protest

2020 Online Memorial Event

UFFC 22nd Annual memorial held online … click image to see Flickr Galleries from 4WardEverUK Watch the 2020 memorial film here > UFFC extended their thanks to Ken Fero of Migrant Media for compiling the film. It will remain online permanently for viewing at any time. To contact us Click Here […]