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In Print (Issue No1)

The 4WardEverUK Volunteer Team scans the web and other sources for publications that our readers are likely to find of interest. If you spot something, let us know via

Assembly in Trafalgar Square - 2008

Annual Rally : London 2008

4WardEver UK dedicates this publication to the late Pauline Campbell, who was sadly missed at this years rally following her untimely death early this year. “Your voice can still be heard”

10th Annual Rally

The mother of Jean Charles de Menezes wept as she joined a 300-strong protest calling for an end to the deaths of people in state custody. Maria Otone de Menezes, 63, and her elder son Giovani da Silva, 36, marched to Downing Street alongside people whose loved ones died in police custody, prisons and psychiatric hospitals.

Special Feature (Issue No3)

An unprecedented glimpse into the harsh conditions at Guantanamo Bay has emerged via a grainy video of a weeping Canadian teenager undergoing interrogation after he had been tortured by sleep deprivation for three weeks.