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On The Web (Issue 3)

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Police Lantern UK

Special Feature: The Cardiff Three

Life has stood still for Stephen Miller since he was arrested more than 20 years ago and charged with the murder of a young woman in Cardiff. “Not one day goes past without me thinking about the case,” he said. “My life is stuck in 1988.”

Doreen Lawrence speaks - image credit

Police failing us still – Doreen Lawrence

The mother of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence has said police are still failing the families of black murder victims, 10 years after a landmark report blamed institutional racism within Scotland Yard for helping her son’s killers escape justice.

The Hounding of David Oluwale

David Oluwale, play makes news nationally

In a true story that shook the city of Leeds in the early 1970s, Eclipse Theatre presents a harrowing account of The Hounding of David Oluwale. Nigerian immigrant David Oluwale had come to Britain to work, at 19 years old sailing into Hull on a cargo ship.