Questionable Convictions

Troy Davis

A Life in the Balance : Troy Davis

Troy Davis was convicted of shooting and murdering a police officer in Savannah, Georgia, despite glaring holes in the prosecutions arguments. He is now on death row, with an execution date as early as September 11th. He is one of thousands who face execution for crimes they may not have committed.

Debra Jean Milke is Free

Debra Jean Milke was detained on Arizona’s death row for nearly 20 years, largely because a police detective said she confessed to plotting her 4-year-old son’s murder.

Byron Case is Innocent!

On the morning of June 11, 2001, on a quiet suburban Kansas City street, twenty-two-year-old Byron Case was dragged from his bed by a tactical police unit. He did not know it at the time, but he was being arrested for murder.

Cameron Todd Willingham

Executed Texas prisoner was innocent

New Report Shows that Cameron Todd Willingham, executed in Texas in 2004, was Innocent. “There can no longer be any doubt that an innocent person has been executed.The question now turns to how we can stop it from happening again”