Questionable Convictions

Louisiana prisoner released after 41 years in solitary

A 71-year-old Louisiana prisoner who spent 41 years in solitary confinement and is now dying of cancer was released from prison late on Tuesday, his lawyers said. Late on Tuesday, US district chief judge Brian Jackson in Baton Rouge denied the state’s motion seeking to block his earlier order overturning Herman Wallace’s 1974 murder conviction.

A Personal Note From Debra Jean Milke

Today Debra sent this personal note to all followers of her case, and supporters in her effort to find justice:
“The growing amount of support is extremely heartwarming and it means a great deal to me to know that so many of you out there care about truth and justice. I am deeply touched by the efforts of everyone who are trying to shed light on this unspeakably unjust case. There simply aren’t adequate words to express to you all how grateful I am.

Wrong man was executed in Texas

He was the spitting image of the killer, had the same first name and was near the scene of the crime at the fateful hour: Carlos DeLuna paid the ultimate price and was executed in place of someone else in Texas in 1989, a report out Tuesday found.