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Ken Fero

Liberating media : Ken Fero

The power of film to document stories, inspire action and agitate for change has run hand in hand with revolutionary cells, social struggles and mass movements. One of the critical points of our current situation is a rupture within our communities that prevents the support of independent media producers.

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin Trial: case juror says Zimmerman is guilty

A juror from the Trayvon Martin murder case recently spoke out about her experience, saying that the trial ruined her life. She also stated that she believes George Zimmerman was really guilty and that holding his gun has caused her great stress. The only minority juror in the Trayvon Martin murder case has been making a lot of noise lately.

Trayvon Martin Demo

Zimmerman acquitted in Trayvon Martin case

George Zimmerman walked free from a Florida courtroom late on Saturday after a jury acquitted the neighbourhood watch leader of murdering an unarmed black teenager, Trayvon Martin, in a case that played into the national debates about race, civil rights and the proliferation of guns in US society.

Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Where is justice for Aiyana?

The family of 7-year-old Aiyana Jones, who was murdered by Detroit police more than two years ago, saw a small legal victory recently, as a motion to dismiss charges of involuntary manslaughter against Officer Joseph Weekley was denied on March 8.

Oscar Grant Demo

Vigil held for Oscar Grant 4 years after BART shooting

A vigil was held in Oakland on Tuesday, four years to the day that Oscar Grant was shot and killed by a Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer at the Fruitvale Station. His mother is angry that her son’s killer was not convicted of murder and asked that criminal charges be brought against the officers involved in his death.