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Police amongst 70s protestors

The police, gangs and racism

Patrick Williams of Manchester Metropolitan University discusses recent research demonstrating that the police in Manchester are disproportionately, and wrongly, identifying young black, asian and minority ethnic people as being gang members. Why are 89% of people on the Manchester Police gang database from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background?

Justice scales cartoon

The grand American tradition of violent white supremacy

Another U.S. shooting spree has left bullet-riddled bodies in its wake, and refocused attention on violent, right-wing extremists. Frazier Glenn Miller, a former leader of a wing of the Ku Klux Klan, is accused of killing three people outside two Jewish community centers outside Kansas City, Kan.

UFFC 14th Demo 2012

‘Never ever, never ever give up’

A reflection on deaths that took place on 15 April 1989 and the state’s response:
As a teenager I watched the Hillsborough tragedy unfold on the telly. It was a Saturday afternoon and my sisters and I were doing our chores or homework. I remember one of my sisters calling us and we crowded around the TV to watch the grim scenes. Later that same night, events were happening ninety miles away in Small Heath, Birmingham, which would have a lasting impact on our family.

Why so many find the Mark Duggan verdict hard to accept

You learn as a barrister that it is usually very unwise to second-guess a jury. However unpalatable or surprising a verdict might be, you respect a jury’s conclusions and you move on. But, in the days following the verdict of lawful killing in the Mark Duggan inquest, two people have explained to me in compelling terms why they find that so difficult in this case.