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Brian Haw - War Matters Poster

‘War Matters’

Join us on 22 January 2015 for the screening of ‘War Matters’, a 50-min documentary chronicling 10 years of anti-war resistance in the city of London. By filmmaker Chester Yang.

Oscar Grant: True tale leaves big impression

In the early morning hours of Jan. 1, 2009, Oakland police pulled four black men off a train car for fighting. During the melee, a transit officer pulled out his gun and shot 22-year-old Oscar Grant in the back as Grant was lying face down on the ground, with his hands restrained behind his back.

Protest march for Troy Davis

Troy Davis and family live on in new book

Jen Marlowe’s newest book, I Am Troy Davis, was published right around the second anniversary of Davis’s September 2011 execution by the state of Georgia. Davis was killed by lethal injection despite considerable evidence suggesting that he was innocent. Davis was convicted of the 1989 murder of police officer Mark MacPhail in Savannah, Georgia. Years of appeals were unsuccessful despite significant doubts about his guilt.

The Barrel of a Gun: Capital X speaks out

Wannabe filmmaker Tigre Hills; had planned to debut this documentary he has titled “The Barrel of a Gun” on Dec. 9, the 28th anniversary of the killing of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner who Mumia is said to have murdered but there is a delay in the films release.