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Update on the Film Club

The last 4WardEverUK Film 4 Thought screening was held in December 2015 after a run of almost 18 months. We very much hope to see a return of the Film Club as we explore possible new partnerships.

Inna Vision Film Night

On 3rd December 2015 we will be screening a series of shorts made by filmmakers with lived experienced of mental health addressing the stigma, and triumphs of African’s and Caribbean’s with mental health problems.

Who Polices the Police

Who Polices the Police?

On 29th October 2015 we will be screening ‘Who Polices the Police’. This documentary features the case of Sean Rigg whose inquest ended with a damning verdict on the excessive fatal restraint by police officers.

Open Shutters Iraq

On 3rd September 2015 we will be screening ‘Open Shutters Iraq’. The film documents a remarkable photography project; a group of women, from five cities in Iraq.

Concerning Violence

On 9th July 2015 we will be screening ‘Concerning Violence’ narrated by Ms Lauryn Hill, The film is both an archive-driven documentary covering the most daring moments in the struggle for liberation in the Third World.

Woman Working Illegally

Working Illegally

On 4th June 2015 we will be screening the new documentary film from Standoff Films, ‘Working Illegally’ which looks behind politicians’ rhetoric, the closed walls and barbed wire of UK border enforcement.

Who Killed Colin Roach?

Join us on Thursday 7th May 2015 for Isaac Julien’s short film which sets the Roach Family’s personal tragedy in the context of the political campaign around Colin’s death, and builds the case for an independent inquiry.