Facebook Campaigns

For Marc Cole and Adrian McDonald

The campaign set up their Facebook page for the families of Marc Cole and Adrian McDonald. Two young men, both devoted fathers. Both killed by police taser, baton and dog restraint during a mental health crisis.

Benjamin Zephaniah pays respect to Leon Briggs 2013

Justice 4 Leon Briggs

In November 2013 following the death of Leon Briggs, after he was held down by police officers in Luton, police watchdog the IPCC confirmed that they would be treating the custody death as a criminal investigation.

Justice 4 Edson Family Campaign

Justice 4 Edson

Family, friends and supporters have pledged to continue fighting for justice for 25 year-old Edson da Costa who died six days after being detained by police | Rest in eternal peace – 14 March 1992 -25 June 2017.

Rebecca Louise Overy

Remembered; Rebecca Louise Overy

A jury delivered their critical conclusions regarding the death of Rebecca Louise Overy who died on the 24 June 2013 at the Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham. Rebecca was found unresponsive with a ligature in her room.

Kishni Mahay

Justice for Kishni Mahay

Kishni Mahay, aged 64, was killed when she was hit by a police car while she was on a pedestrian crossing on the 14 March 1989. The death was ruled accidental. An investigation by police claimed that she had run out into the road.

Michael Bell Jr

Plea for a Change : Michael Bell

On 9 November 2004, a Kenosha police officer shot 21 year-old Michael Bell in the head one day before he was due to testify at a court hearing regarding a previous incident with the same officer who stopped him this last fatal time.