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The Leeds prisoner was ‘treated worse than a dog’

A vulnerable model prisoner whose treatment in Armley jail was described as “monstrous” killed himself in his cell. The man, a remand prisoner with no criminal record, was treated ‘worse than a dog’ by prison staff in the days before his death it was alleged at an inquest.

Special Feature (Issue No3)

An unprecedented glimpse into the harsh conditions at Guantanamo Bay has emerged via a grainy video of a weeping Canadian teenager undergoing interrogation after he had been tortured by sleep deprivation for three weeks.

Pauline Campbell has died

Prisons campaigner Pauline Campbell has died, the advice group Inquest said today. Mrs Campbell, from Whitchurch, Shropshire, became a member of the organisation after her daughter, Sarah, 18, died of drug overdose at Styal prison in 2003.