Jason Oscar McPherson

Jason Oscar McPhersonYoung man dies in mysterious circumstances

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Originally published 8th April 2007 (updated Jan 2010)
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Jason Oscar McPherson, 25, of Bentworth Road, East Acton, died in mysterious circumstances on 18th January 2007 at Notting Hill Police Station after being arrested by officers. He was travelling in a car with two other men when the vehicle was stopped by Metropolitan Police officers in St Annes Road, Ladbroke Grove.

They were detained and taken to Notting Hill Police Station where a search was to be conducted. While there, police said Mr McPherson needed medical attention, but the reasons for this are not yet fully known. The London Ambulance Service was called and he was taken to St Mary’s Hospital, where he died at 11.32pm.

Jason’s mother, Sandra Richardson said she last spoke to her son by telephone at about 8 o’clock on the night that he died when he called to say he was buying food and heading home. By 9 o’clock, Jason had not turned up and he had not called. Sandra kept trying his mobile phone which was ringing out without an answer. At 9:45, the phone was eventually answered; but it was the response that sent her into a state of shock.

“I heard the wind in the phone and Jason screaming. He was saying: “Get off me, get off me – I can’t breathe. I then heard another voice shouting spit it out, spit it out! Another voice said ‘make him sit up’. The same voice then said, make him stand up, he’s dying!’ That was when my world collapsed.”

At the time of the death spokesman for the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) Poppy Turner said they would formally be quizzing officers over what happened. “We will be interviewing officers and witnesses,” she said. “Because it is so early in the investigation we can’t predict how long it will take.” She said the family had formally identified the body.

Nicola Williams, IPCC Commissioner for South-West London also gave the following statement to the press:

“I understand that there will be concern and speculation about how Mr McPherson died. I want to reassure the local community and wider public that we are doing our utmost to respond to those concerns and to establish what happened.

“The IPCC is, by law, completely independent of the police. We have launched an independent investigation, using our own investigators, into the circumstances of Mr McPherson’s death. This investigation will seek to ascertain how Mr McPherson died, and to address any criminal or misconduct issues that might arise.

“Our investigation ultimately reports to HM Coroner and the evidence yielded by the investigation will form the basis of the inquest. It is important that anyone who may have information about this incident feels able to come forward and speak to us.

“As part of our investigation we are appealing for witnesses to the incident on the Edward Woods Estate, W11 in which the vehicle that Mr McPherson was travelling in was stopped by police. This happened on 18 January between 9pm and 10.30pm.

“Our investigation is ongoing and this witness appeal is an important part of our enquiries – it is crucial that we receive any information that may help us build up a picture of what happened. I would urge anyone who has any information about this incident to contact us directly”.

At the conclusion of the inquest that was held in 2010 where police were criticised about there actions during the arrest, The IPCC concluded that no police officers would face any further action for the death of Jason McPherson.



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