Billy Salton

Billy SaltonEpileptic teenager dies after custody

all credits: Manchester Evening News
published: 18 November 2013

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A teenage dad who suffered from epilepsy died [on 9 July 2012] after collapsing while in custody. Billy Salton, 19, of Edgeley, Stockport, had handed himself in at Cheadle Heath police station as a warrant was out for his arrest in connection with an alleged burglary. An inquest into his death began today and is scheduled to last around two weeks. It will examine his time in custody until he collapsed and then was taken to Stepping Hill Hospital where he died three days later.

A packed court included solicitors acting for the family, Greater Manchester Police and healthcare firm Medacs – whose doctor was sent to the police station.

The court heard how in the months before his death Mr Salton, who had worked as a green-keeper at Reddish Vale Golf Club, suffered an increase in epileptic fits, on occasion as many as 15 a day.

As a result his medication levels had been increased to control the condition, although he would sometimes forget to take it. He lived in Hollywood Towers but had been sleeping rough and at a friends house to avoid arrest.

His sister Kayleigh Salton had persuaded him to hand himself in late on July 4, 2012, five days before his death in hospital. Miss Salton said: “At least then I knew he was in safe hands rather than sleeping rough.”

Sergeant Michael Dagnall, who was on duty that night, said he had no concerns about Mr Salton’s welfare at that time. He was put on a schedule to be checked every 30 minutes and in a cell with CCTV but not to be roused if he was sleeping.

A doctor from Medacs visited Mr Salton but he told staff he had no medication with him and none at home.

Coroner Joanne Kearsely said that CCTV footage showed him having a ‘fit or seizure’ but Sgt Dagnall said he had not noticed that. There was another sergeant and four civilian workers on duty at the time.

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