Lora Snelgrove

Lora SnelgroveYoung mum was ‘turning her life around’ at the time of her death

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published: 19 September 2014

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Lora Snelgrove was a lively, loving girl who had enjoyed swimming, cheerleading and spending time with her family. But as a teenager she got into drugs and began the downward spiral which led to her death at the age of 25 after she fell ill while in police custody. Lora was pronounced dead at Medway Maritime Hospital on Tuesday 26 August 2014. Her family paid an emotional tribute to her this week, revealing that when she was 21 she had a son, Jayden, and they hoped it would be the making of her.

Lora and her family moved to Medway when she was about seven and lived in the Princes Park area, attending Lordswood Junior School and then Walderslade Girls School.

She was a keen swimmer and wore badges sown on to her costume with pride and was a member of the Medway Rockets Cheerleader Group, performing at shows and fetes.

Her family included dad Bob, who lives in Wiltshire, mum Yvonne, who lives in Princes Park, elder sister Maxine Burr, 43, younger sister Marie, 24, to whom Lora was especially close as a teenager, and brother Robert, 20.

She was also close to her cousin Josie Seager and she loved music, camping with the family in Dorset and meals out at her favourite eatery, Manor Farm, Rainham.

In her teenage years she was diagnosed with ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) which means she had behavioural problems although it didn’t stop her working with her mum at Lordswood Sports and Social Club, where she got on well with the customers.

Mrs Snelgrove, 60, said: “She loved it up there working with me. She would joke with the regulars and they loved it.”

Sister Mrs Burr recalled how Lora was proud to be her bridesmaid. She said: “She loved to do her hair, and her make-up, it had to be just right. She took pride in her appearance and had nice clothes.” She recalled that when Lora was younger, her pretty looks led to her being approached about a career in modelling.

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