Shelly Frey

Shelly FreyMother killed over alleged petty shoplifting at a Walmart store

from various sources – October 2017
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Shelly Frey, a 27 year-old mother of two, was shot dead on 6 December 2012 when shopping with friends at a Walmart store in Houston, Texas. This happened after an off-duty sheriff’s deputy, named as Louis Campbell, approached Shelly and her friends, (Tiasa Andrews and Yolanda Craig), on the assumption She had shoplifted. Shelly and her friends decided to leave the store, but Campbell pursued them and the row then escalated into the car park.

It was when Shelly and her friends got into their car to drive away that Campbell fired his weapon at least twice, striking her twice in the neck. Paramedics from the Houston Fire Department arrived to try and save Frey, but she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Video : Woman shot to death by cop after shoplifting Walmart >

Campbell made claims that he took the action because he was between the car door and the driver’s seat and feared for his safety. In response Shelly’s mother, Sharon Wilkerson, said; “Why couldn’t you just shoot the tire, shoot the window? Was it that serious?”

The women who survived the shooting were charged with crimes. The Harris County Sheriff’s Homicide Unit, Office of the Inspector General and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office were set to investigate the killing and the case would then be turned over to a grand jury.

Officials stated that when Shelly got into her car she tried to run away and tried to run over Louis which is why he was left with no other option. They stated “he confronted the suspects at exit of the store before they left. One female wouldn’t stop and struck the deputy with her purse and ran off.” In other words, according to officials the situation left him in fear to the point he took his weapon out and shot Shelly.

The horrific incident left Shelly’ family in shock. Her mother said; “I can’t eat, I can’t sleep – I just need to know.” Like any mother she needs answers, she has not only lost her daughter, but her grandchildren have lost their mother. “How do I tell these children she’s not coming back,” said Sharon.

Walmart offered the following statement: “This is a tragic situation and we recognize this is a difficult time for all parties involved. We’re committed to working with law enforcement and providing any information we have as they determine the facts of the case. Because this is an active investigation, any specific details of the incident should come from law enforcement.

“We hire off-duty officers to provide security to some of our stores. While we have policies in place for our associates to disengage from situations that might put them or others in harm’s way, off-duty officers working at a WM store are authorized to act in accordance with their department’s code of conduct.”

In March 2013 Shelly’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Walmart Stores Inc., the sheriff’s deputy and the security company that hired him.

Josie Pickens of Ebony News said; “Many of us were horrified to learn that a young Black woman suspected of shoplifting was shot dead by an off-duty police officer working security for Walmart. It’s a tragic story; a young mother’s life gone for pilfering cheap items from a store that would hardly miss them.

“My heart hurts as I watch the video of her parents being interviewed after having driven through the night from New Orleans. Her mother wants answers from the chain and the police; she cries while holding pictures of her daughter and wonders how she will tell Frey’s children that their mother is never coming home.”


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