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Adnan RafiqMystery over Whitehouse fatal police shooting

from various sources – June 2017
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On 3 October 2013, 34-year-old Miriam Carey died in what is understood to be an unusual situation. In the various reports there are different interpretations of the events that unfolded on the night of the fatal incident. Some reports state that Miriam drove straight at a check point at the White House whilst others suggest she simply completed a u-turn near the checkpoint and that action lead to a chase.

Secret Service officers had begun hollering at her—”Whoa! Whoa!”—and she turned her car around. When she attempted to drive out of the checkpoint area, an off-duty Secret Service officer placed a section of metal fencing in front of her.

Miriam drove from her home in Connecticut to Washington D.C. with her 19-month old daughter in the back of the car. There are varied reports about what happened when she arrived at the check point. However, one that is most apparent is that she tried to drive away from the check point when an officer tried to block her in by positioning a bike rack in front of her car.

She then rammed the bike rack as it was the only way that she could escape. As a result of this it is alleged that the officer subsequently fell off the side of the car as he got caught when Miriam drove through. After this, it was reported that she drove down a road that led straight to the Capitol. Here, several Secret Service agents and a Capitol officer began shooting at the vehicle; Miriam rammed a police vehicle and continued to drive for a further 0.7 miles in reverse.

Eventually, 2 officers; a secret service officer and a Capitol officer each fired 9 rounds into the vehicle striking Miriam five times. She was hit 3 times in the back, once in the arm and once in the head. It was not possible to determine in which order the bullets were fired. Fortunately her daughter, who was in the back of the car, was unharmed.

Miriam was extremely nervous and scared of the Capitol police and the Secret Service Agents. For whatever reason, they wanted to keep Miriam there by trying to prevent her from driving away, but she was scared and panicked, leading her to flee.

Garth Kant, author of  Capitol Crime: Washington’s Cover-up of the Killing of Miriam Carey, told theblaze news group; “When the police came out they told us somebody had tried to breach security at the White House, that they had rammed the barricade and they weren’t sure yet, but they think shots may have been fired at the White House, the suspect fled and led cops on a high speed chase.” However, according to Kant, “None of that turned out to be true.

Kant said that following his extensive investigation, Miriam, who was unarmed, mistakenly turned into a White House entrance and was chased by Capitol police before being fatally wounded. He further believes that “she did not ram any gates to enter the White House; she did not violate any laws; she did not flee but left at a lawful speed but was shot in the back despite having her child in the car.

A few months after her daughter was born, Miriam was diagnosed with postpartum depression with psychosis, her sister Amy Carey-Jones said “There wasn’t a pattern. It was something that occurred suddenly. She seemed overwhelmed. There was a lot of stress.

“There were not moments of her walking around with delusions. That was not what was going on.” She said her sister had been making progress with the help of counselling and medications.

There had been other incidents where individuals armed with weapons tried to get into White House facilities and yet those incidents resulted in no guns being fired and no-one being injured. What was so different about a mentally ill mother who had no weapons, why were so many bullets fired?

In the media and in statements released the officers were praised as being heroic as it was stated that Miriam could have had any sort of weapons in the vehicle (bomb, gun). However, it is believed that whilst Miriam was in the vehicle they were able to complete an assessment to identify that there were no weapons in the car and that there was a child in the car.

An autopsy report, made public six months after Miriam was shot dead revealed that she was struck by five bullets from behind.

Attorney Eric Sanders released the report on the six-month anniversary of the shooting, which had captured national attention as the chase unfolded on cable networks and in the following hours when it was revealed that Miriam was an unarmed with a 1-year-old in the backseat.


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