Dwayne Browne

New York man shot to death by cops

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published: 4WardEver UK – December 2012

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A police officer fatally shot, Dwayne Browne, a Brooklyn man who was armed with a 38 calibre revolver as he was coming to the aid of his stepbrother following a gunpoint robbery. A series of chaotic events, some mirroring the circumstances that led to the shooting death of New York Police Department Officer Peter Figoski a month previously in the same Brooklyn precinct, resulted in 26-year-old Dwayne Browne emerging from his East New York row house with a gun in hand on Thursday night, 12th January 2012.

Paul Browne, a spokesman for the New York Police Department, said that a 30-year-old uniformed officer, whose name was not released, identified himself and ordered Dwayne Browne to drop his gun. One neighbours’ 911 call recorded an officer yelling “drop the gun,” the police spokesman said.

Dwayne Browne didn’t say anything in reply and didn’t drop the gun, the spokesman said. Instead, he took a quick step back and made a movement that police officials were not immediately able to describe. The officer fired one shot from approximately 17 feet away, striking Dwayne in the right side of his chest.

After he was shot, Dwayne Browne ran back into his brother’s basement apartment and made his way to the first floor, where his mother lives, before collapsing. His girlfriend, Renita Ferdinand, 27, said she heard a shot and then “Dwayne came back up. Dwayne had a bullet in him and he told me, ‘I was shot, call the cops.’”

She said police officers soon surrounded him, pointing guns, demanding his identity and asking if he lived there.

He was then taken to Brookdale University Hospital, where shortly before midnight; he died from his gunshot wound. Browne’s girlfriend Juanita said: “The officers told me they had to shoot him. They kept calling him the shooter. The officer said, ‘I’m sorry. It was one of us. But he wouldn’t put the gun down.’ No one said ‘Put the gun down.’ No one said anything. They just shot Dwayne while he was still in his pyjamas”.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne says a firearm was indeed recovered at the scene, but the victim’s family is now demanding answers. Browne’s mother Alice Browne insisted, “They’re trying to cover something up because they stay too long in that house. They’ve been there for hours trying to cover up what they want to cover up.”

But City Councilman Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn) sided with the victim. “This is ridiculous. You’re investigating the robbery of a house and guys are running away, why would you not chase them,” he said. “This has all the smelling of a cover-up.”


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