Dillon Taylor

Dillon TaylorMan fatally shot by police while wearing headphones

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published: 15 August 2014

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Dillon Taylor was shot and killed by Salt Lake City police outside a 7-Eleven store in South Salt Lake City, Utah, on Monday night [11 August 2014]. Police confronted the 20 year old, his brother Jerrail and their cousin Adam Thayne outside the store. “We’re walking out of the 7-Eleven with a drink, when the cops show up and start harassing us with guns,” Jerrail told The Salt Lake Tribune.

Salt Lake City police were answering a complaint from the 7-Eleven about a man who was allegedly waving a gun at about 7 p.m. The armed man’s description matched Dillon’s appearance.

While the fatal shooting was committed by the Salt Lake City police, the South Salt Lake Police Department is investigating the incident.

“It came in as a 911 call that there was a man with a gun,” South Salt Lake Police Sgt. Darrin Sweeten told KUTV. “He was verbally challenged and ultimately was shot.”

“There’s not any initial indication that he was necessarily fleeing,” added Sgt. Sweeten. “He was not complying with the officers’ orders that they were giving him. It still needs to be investigated.”

Jerrail claims that Dillon was wearing headphones when police arrived and didn’t hear their orders. “He couldn’t hear them, so he just kept walking. Then… they had guns pointed at his face. That’s when he turned off the music,” Jerrail recalled. “I saw them point guns at my brother’s face, and I knew what was going to happen.”

Jerrail says that one police officer told Dillon to get down on the ground, while a second officer told him to put his hands on his head.

“He got confused, he went to pull up his pants to get on the ground, and they shot him,” Jerrail recalled.

Police have not said whether or not Taylor was actually armed, but family members claim he was not. According to news reports, Dillon did have a criminal history and had a warrant out for his arrest for a probation violation, which he indicated on a Facebook posting.

According to Fox13Now.com, Dillon wrote on Facebook a few days before his death:

‘I feel my time is coming soon, my nightmears are telling me. im gonna have warrnts out for my arrest soon. ALL my family has turned and snitched on me. ill die before I go do a lot of time in a cell. I feel like god cant even save me on this one .. this time coming its me and the demons im fighting.’

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