Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Aiyana Jones7-year-old child killed by police officer in Detroit

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compiled from various sources : June 2010

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7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones was asleep on a living room sofa when she was shot once in the neck after a Detroit Police Special Response Team executed a no-knock search warrant at a two-unit flat in Detroit shortly after 12:30am on 15 May 2010.

Aiyana’s father, Charles Jones, said; “I saw them (police) running with my daughter out of the house. They had my mother on the floor, and they just kept me there for like two hours, I knew it was bad.”  He went on to say; “Her blood was everywhere and I was trying to stay calm, but nobody would talk to me. None of them even tried to console me,”

Officers were supposedly searching for a murder suspect. They fired a flash-bang grenade through the front window and then stormed the family home. The family claims the grenade burned Aiyana.

 According to police, as police officers entered the home there was a struggle with the child’s grandmother, Mertilla Jones, who grabbed for an officers gun before it accidentally discharged.  The bullet struck and killed Aiyana. Authorities have claimed the gun was fired by accident. One witness, Terrance Echols, 28, said he was in his home, across the street when he heard a “bang.” He ran upstairs, “and I heard people yelling, ‘You killed a 7-year-old girl. You killed the girl.”

Southfield attorney Geoffery Fieger, representing the family of Aiyana said, shortly after the shooting, he had obtained video footage of the incident. He claimed that it shot by the A and E crime reality show, “The First 48” shows at lease one shot was fired after police threw a stun grenade into the home.

The Detroit police department would not comment on early newspaper reports that neighbours had told police there were children in the house.

So far, three details are being disputed. The first, which the Detroit Free Press reported, is that the raid team did not know children might be in the home. Family members said there were toys in the front yard.

The second disputed detail is that police entered the home before Aiyana was shot. The family said police opened fire before entering the house. According to Fieger, the A&E video footage of the incident proves this.

The third disputed detail is that Officer Joseph Weekley’s gun accidentally went off following a struggle with Aiyana’s grandmother. At a press conference in front of the home Mertilla Jones said there was no struggle: “I hit the floor when I heard them hit the window.”They blew my granddaughter’s brains out. They killed her right before my eyes. I watched the light go out of her eyes. I seen it.”


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