Jerard M. Drew

Mystery surrounds naked mans’ death

by 4WardEver UK – January 2010
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In April 2009 an investigation was launched after Tulsa Police arrested 38 year-old Jerard M. Drew who later died at a local hospital. The police officers involved in the incident were placed on restrictive duty and the investigation would be led by the Tulsa Police Department.

Police officers said that they were first drawn to the attention of Jerard around 10pm on the night of his death as he was wandering around the street, was not wearing a shirt and had his shorts down around his knees. They state that they tried to talk with him but he ran off into a drainage ditch.

It is alleged that when the officers caught up to him, he began acting aggressively. The officers eventually took Jerard into custody and claimed that a short time later he simply stopped breathing.

Patrick Gregory, who lived nearby said that he had witnessed the event. “He came running down here he was buck naked, that’s when an officer who was on patrol stopped to check on him. Then, he tried to get away, jumping into a drainage ditch”.

“Once he was placed in handcuffs, he was pulled up out of the ditch, officers were attempting to put leg restraints on him and that’s when he quit breathing. His mom came up here and said ‘He’s not breathing, he’s not breathing’ and they didn’t do nothing about it they were just standing there with his knees in his back,”

A police spokesperson, Sgt. Robert Heidlage, said; “The officers on the scene started doing CPR, they revived the individual and EMSA arrived, Tulsa fire arrived, EMSA transported the subject to the hospital and he later died,”

Police department records confirmed that attending officers did use a quantity of pepper spray on Jerard but it was unclear whether they had used their batons on him.

Police said they had reason to believe Drew was on some type of drug, but were awaiting toxicology reports from the Medical Examiner.

Records from the Department of Corrections showed that Jerard had been charged previously with possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of drugs. His family says despite his run in’s with the law, they never thought things would end the way they did for him.

“The day before he came by just to check on me,” said Mary Rathod, Drew’s cousin. “But, that’s just what type of person he was.”

Jerard’s family said that whatever transpired that night, they just want answers. “I don’t know what was going on but I just think that whatever the police did, it wasn’t necessary,” said Rathon.


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23 April 2009

Man dies while in Tulsa Police custody
23 April 2009

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