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4WardEver UK 23rd December 2008

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In 1986, the New York Police Department (NYPD) attempted to kill Larry Davis when serving a search warrant at a Bronx apartment. He was shot in the head at point blank range, but the bullet did not penetrate his head, and after he fell to the floor from the impact of the blast, he returned fire and shot 6 NYPD officers and escaped out a window.

After an intensive 17-day manhunt, Davis turned himself into the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), in exchange for their guarantee to investigate the NYPD`s involvement in drug deals, that he was forced to participate in as a teenager.

‘The Larry Davis Story’ by Troy Reed, offers a unique insight into the case, and speaks extensively to Davis about his ordeal. For the first time ever, Davis speaks out about the night in 1986 when 30 police officers came to assassinate him for backing out of a drug deal.

Caution: Some strong language in this video!

This documentary will take you inside of the life of Larry Davis and how his family was harassed by the NYPD. Troy Reed will interview Davis on how he was able to escape from a stand off of gunfire with 30 police officers.

The video also exposes the police corruption of the 1980`s and how cops were regularly using the inner-city youth to sell drugs and guns for them.

The 1986 gun battle began after police had gone to an apartment to arrest Davis over the killing of five drug dealers. Davis escaped unhurt through a window, setting off the infamous 17-day manhunt involving hundreds of police officers. He was eventually tracked to a housing project where one of his sisters lived.

At Davis’s trial, his defence team accused police officers of trying to kill him because he had knowledge of police corruption, and said he had acted in self-defence. A jury acquitted him of attempted murder and aggravated assault but he was convicted on weapons charges.

The gunfight and Davis’s flight from the law made him a folk hero to some, and a symbol of outrage to others, especially police officers.

In February 2008 New York state corrections officials announced that Larry been killed in prison. A spokesman for the New York State Department of Correctional Services said that he was stabbed to death Wednesday night at Shawangunk Correctional Facility in Ulster County.

Corrections officials questioned another inmate in relation to his death. Spokesman Erik Kriss say Davis was fatally stabbed with a large homemade metal shank in the arms, head, back, upper thigh and chest.

Larry was serving 25 years to life in prison.


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21 February 2008

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