Mark Duggan (Cont’d)

An inquest into Duggan’s death was opened at north London coroner’s court on Tuesday. The coroner, Andrew Walker, adjourned the hearing to 12 December and offered his sympathies to Duggan’s family.

“As members of the family will know, in due course there will be an inquest touching the death of Mark Duggan and this is the first stage in that process, he said.

”Of course, as well as offering our deepest sympathies, I would like to reassure members of the family that we will be working closely with Mr Duggan’s family and the IPCC throughout the process.”

After the hearing, the family said they were “distressed” by the rioting in the wake of his death. In a statement on their behalf, Helen Shaw, from the organisation Inquest, said:

“The family want everyone to know that the disorder going on has nothing to do with finding out what has happened to Mark. They also want people to know they are deeply distressed by the disorder affecting communities across the country.”

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