Giles Freeman

Giles FreemanNo prosecution of officers following restraint death

Compiled from statements by – Christian Khan Solicitors
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Giles Freeman died on the 15th October 2002 aged 37 in Slough Police station.  He was suffering with disordered thinking and was a vulnerable person.  He had a history of admissions to the local Wexham Park Hospital.  His mental state had been deteriorating for some weeks prior to his death.

In the evening of the 14th October 2002 his mental health deteriorated further and the police were called by the family. Giles and his family hoped that he would be taken to Wexham park hospital, Slough for treatment.

Instead, he was taken to Slough police station where he was restrained on two separate occasions.  At the time of the second restraint he was injected with largactil, held down by a number of officers and tragically died.

The family note the decision of the CPS not to prosecute anyone in connection with Giles’ death. The family now look to the forthcoming inquest to answer the many questions they have.

The family have given evidence to an inquiry team who are preparing a report into the death on behalf of Wexham Park and Slough social services.  They strongly hope that lessons can be learned from this tragedy.

Giles Freeman was a wonderful son and brother and is greatly missed
by the family.

Excerpt from BBC News:
At the 2003 inquest into Giles’ death a fellow inmate, Matthew Costello,
gave an account of waht had happened

Costello said: “I heard the banging, I heard the sticks and the shields, I heard people being put on the floor, I heard the screaming and shouting then everything went quiet. “When I came out of my cell all of their kit was lined up, about five shields.”

He was cross-examined by Andrew Warnock, representing Thames Valley Police, who said: “There were no shields used.”

But Costello replied: “You are messing this up now saying I didn’t see things.”

Costello admitted in court that he had taken heroin a few hours before his arrest and asked if he had been high at the time, he said: “Yes, I suppose so.”

Mr Warnock continued: “Is your recollection of this not very good?”

But Costello replied: “Good enough, I remember what I need to remember.”

Asked what he thought of the police in general, he replied: “Scum, that’s my personal view.”


Follow-up News:

Prisoner heard screams from cell
1 December 2004

Care team criticised after death
30 November 2004

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