Kishni Mahay

Kishni MahayA family’s 30 year fight for their mothers honour and justice

various sources – November 2018
by – Tippa Naphtali

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Kishni Mahay, aged 64, was killed when she was hit by a police car while she was on a pedestrian crossing on the 14 March 1989. Kishni was hit on the Cannock Road in Wolverhampton and thrown more than 30 yards. The death was ruled accidental. An investigation by police claimed that she had run out into the road. The family have never been satisfied by this outcome and have repeatedly called for a new investigation. Kishni’s son, Raj Mahay, who was quickly at the scene of his mothers death, said the family still had not had justice and needed closure.

In 2018 Raj said; “For the last 29 years our family have vigorously believed that a gross injustice has reigned over my mother’s death. An unbiased Independent inquiry would conclusively reveal justice and bring Kishni Mahay dignity in death. She will be able to rest in peace and we can achieve the closure we yearn.

“We believe that the car was not being driven appropriately according to the road conditions. We believe that key facts were missed by the investigating team (Police Complaints Authority: PCA). The Police Officer was never prosecuted. The post mortem examination declared that my mother was an alcoholic with cirrhosis of the liver, which may have confused the inquest jurors.”

The family insisted that Kishni never drank alcohol and the cirrhosis of the liver was caused by medication for tuberculosis. They also claimed evidence from the crash scene was tampered with, and that key witnesses to the crash were never called.

At the inquest the officer driving the police car said he first spotted Kishni in the road when she was just a few feet in front of him, and swerved violently to the right, but was unable to avoid the collision.

He had been driving with the car’s siren and blue flashing lights on, answering a call to an accident at the Park Lane junction with the Cannock Road, but the family maintain that this was not the case and that Kishni would have had no warning of the approaching vehicle as she crossed the road.

The family launched a government petition in 2018.

Kishni’s son Raj has always maintained that he was treated with utmost disrespect when arriving on the awful scene of his mothers death, and that officers made negative and racist remarks about both himself and his mother who lay dead on the roadside.

In an attempt to reopen a complaint into his treatment in 2018 he said; “My experience simply indicates ample racist and threatening behaviours of the West Midlands Police Officers who attended the Crime Scene and on the following day when I went to formally identify my mother’s body at Wednesfield Police Station.”

“10 years ago, I attended the Press Conference at West Midlands Police Headquarters where I gave a 3-hour presentation detailing the hostility encountered. I was called a “Paki Bastard” and “Black Bastard” and told the “get in the Fucking car Paki” on numerous occasions as my lifeless mother lay yards away. My mother was also referred to as the “Proverbial Dog” by the West Midlands Police’s Press Officer on the TV Evening News.”

“The two officers present were Chief Inspectors M Payne and P Kaye, ironically Chief Inspector M Payne is now involved in the Professional Standards Department (PSD), he and Chief Inspector P Kaye had not questioned any of the facts presented and ended up laughing in our faces after promising an independent investigation. It is an absolute disgrace that M Payne would add another 10 years of misery and mayhem to our ever-increasing trauma we feel each and every day.”

The Mahay family fight for justice continues.


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