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Delbo KingManchester police assault caught on camera

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Originally published – 10 June 2007

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An investigation was launched by the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) after several police officers were caught on a CCTV camera assaulting an arrested man. Delbo King, 33, claimed that during his arrest by Greater Manchester Police officers, he was repeatedly kicked as he lay on the ground. Delbo had admitted to being drunk and disorderly when he was arrested in Manchester City centre, but believed that his treatment at the hands of the officers was unwarranted.

The 33-year-old former paratrooper from Gorton had smashed a bus shelter showering two women with glass. At the time, a PCA spokeswoman said that King alleged he suffered bruising to his genitals and a broken tooth. The PCA’s deputy chairman, Wendy Towers, said: “I will ensure that a full and impartial investigation is carried out into these allegations.”

Footage of the alleged attack was shown at a Manchester magistrates’ court hearing when King, from Gorton, Manchester, pleaded guilty to criminal damage and resisting arrest.  King claims he was kicked several times in the head and face and twice in his testicles. The video also appears to show him being sprayed with gas and bumping his head on the police van’s rear door as he is taken into custody.

PCA member Duncan Gear led the investigation. Greater Manchester Police had confirmed that an officer was removed from frontline duties following the allegations. “In connection with this incident an officer was removed from frontline duties this morning, pending the outcome of an investigation,” a spokeswoman said. “A file will be prepared for the Crown Prosecution Service.” She said the officer had not been suspended, adding: “There is no racial element to this incident.”

A spokesman for Manchester Magistrates’ Court confirmed police officers had tried to arrest King after he smashed a bus shelter at Piccadilly in the city centre.  But King claimed in court that arresting officers used excessive force. To back his claim, defence solicitor Anthony O’Donnell showed about 20 minutes of CCTV footage. The film was obtained from a Manchester City Council camera, put in place to crack down on anti-social behaviour in the area. King said it showed him lying on the ground being restrained by a number of officers, while another officer kicked him repeatedly.

King pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage and resisting arrest, but not guilty to a third charge of using threatening or abusive behaviour, the spokesman said. The prosecution dropped the third allegation. King was given one day’s detention for resisting arrest and another day to run concurrently for the criminal damage. He was ordered to pay £100 compensation to Manchester City Council for the damage to the bus shelter.

A spokeswoman for Mr O’Donnell’s firm said their client was considering civil proceedings against Greater Manchester Police. She added: “We don’t feel it’s appropriate to comment at this stage as civil proceedings could take place.”We feel the footage speaks for itself.”

A neighbour of King’s, who did not wish to be named, said he lived on his own but had a small son he saw regularly. She said: “I think it’s disgusting what happened to Del. I’ve not spoken to him about it, so I don’t know what he’s feeling at the moment. “It must be about five years that he’s lived on this street, and he’s always been a very lovely man. “He’s very neighbourly, and when he sees you, he’ll always speak to you. “I don’t think he deserved what happened to him at all, and I don’t think the police have rights to hold people down like that. “I probably see a lot more of him than anybody else around here. “I smoke outside, and so I always see him coming up and down the street.”

In August 2005 The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), which replaced the Police Complaints Authority, issued a Press Release stating that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) would not be taking criminal action on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence to bring any charges against three Greater Manchester Police officers who had been accused of assaulting Delbo King.


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