Christopher Nudds

Christopher NuddsMan was convicted of shooting murder with no body as evidence

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4WardEver UK – 7th May 2008

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It was alleged that in November 2004, Christopher Nudds from Stocking Pelham, Hertfordshire, shot a 21-year-old gypsy, Fred Moss, in the head while he was out with his dog in the Cambridgeshire countryside. A jury at Northampton Crown Court, who found Nudds guilty by an 11-1 majority, was told that the gamekeeper then dismembered Mr Moss’s body and burnt it. Whilst the body of Fred Moss has never been found, he has been treated as a murder victim.

Whilst Chris admits that he met up with Fred on the 30th November, he explains this by saying that he went with Fred to act as look out whilst Fred conducted a drugs deal.

It has been reported that Fred Moss went missing with a large amount of cash on him. The last sighting he had of Fred was when he saw him, as a passenger, in a Mercedes vehicle being driven past him whilst he waited by the side of the road in his vehicle.

When Fred did not return, although worried, Chris then returned home unaware of what was happening. He originally denied seeing Fred because he realized that something was obviously wrong and was worried that he would come under suspicion and that he, or his family, might be targeted by the gypsies and recriminations might take place.

When he realized something was wrong he began looking for Fred, covering many areas which he and Fred frequented whilst hare coursing. On Friday 3rd December he came across Fred’s van parked in the Hay Street car park and reported his find to the police and the gypsies. He immediately came under suspicion by both the gypsies and the police.

Chris was abducted by the gypsies on Saturday 4th December when they arranged to meet him for a talk. They grabbed him, bundled him into a car and took him to an isolated country spot where they dragged him out of the car and beat him to the ground. They kicked him, placed a gun in his mouth and fired a gun around his head, all the time shouting at him to tell them where Fred was. They gave him a spade and ordered him to start digging a hole, at which point he seriously feared for his life.

All of a sudden the shouting stopped and Chris was bundled back into the car and returned to the position where he had been taken from his vehicle. The gypsies then proceeded to thoroughly search his car and removed various items from it, including his mobile phone.

Whilst this incident was taking place, two detectives were sitting in a car watching. They took no action to either prevent Chris from being abducted or to stop his vehicle being searched, whilst knowing that any search of his vehicle was risking contamination of any possible evidence. They were each later given a formal disciplinary warning for this.

Although briefly investigated by the police, with several travellers being interviewed by the police and all denying knowledge of any abduction or assault, no major inquiries or charges were made with reference to the adduction and assault of Chris Nudds.

On Sunday 5th December Chris Nudds went to the police station to report his kidnapping and whilst there was arrested. After many hours of interviews over several days at various police stations, he was remanded in custody to HMP Bedford.

He was originally placed in a cell on his own but was quickly moved, the same day, into a cell that was occupied by another inmate, Darren Horner who was also on remand. On 16th December Darren Horner requested to see the Governor, he went on to tell the Governor that Chris Nudds had confessed to him that he had killed Fred Moss by shooting him and disposing of his body by cutting it up and burning it.

Armed with this information, over the next month the police went back to Chris’s home and searched it and his vehicle gathering various items of ‘evidence’.

Christopher Nudds is a man who has been the victim of a terrible miscarriage of justice. His life before being confined to a prison cell consisted of taking each day as it came. He lived at home with his Mum, Step dad and half brother.

He made a living breeding Labrador dogs and running a small pest control business, at which, he was most successful. Chris enjoys his own company and the solitude that living a country lifestyle affords. He has many friends, most of whom continue to support him and write to him frequently.


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