Author: Zinzi Eka-Naphtali

The British woman breastfeeding on Pakistan’s death row

Last year, Khadija Shah was apprehended under suspicion of carrying a suitcase that contained £3.2 million worth (approximately 63kg) of pure Afghan heroin through Islamabad Airport. The 25-year-old Birmingham resident claimed to have been given the bag by two men, most likely members of a drug smuggling ring who had been complicit in grooming her for months, if not years.

Tribute Feature: Hugh Manes

Remembrance and tribute articles are added to the 4WardEver website as often as possible. They will chart some of the heroes and sheroes of our times, and cases of significance that have shaped society’s development, history and judiciary.

Habib Ullah case features on Panorama

A Panorama investigation has raised concerns about a police watchdog’s probe into the death of Habib Ullah – who suffered a cardiac arrest during a ‘stop-and-search’ in High Wycombe in 2008. The dad-of-three died after being restrained by police officers who were trying to force a package of drugs out of his mouth in Sharrow Vale.

Man shot and tasered “not guilty” of GBH

A jury has said a man, who was shot five times and tasered by the police, is not guilty of attacking officers because he was mentally ill at the time. George Asare, from Forest Hill, south-east London, was found not guilty of attempted Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) with intent and affray earlier today (2 November 2012).

Report: 14th Annual UFFC Demo October 2012

4WardEver UK commends the United Families & Friends for pulling off a successful and peaceful rally and demonstration in London on 27th October 2012. Hundreds of families, friends and supporters attended the event including Defend the Right to Protest, Linton Kwesi-Johnson, 4WardEver UK, Birmingham Strong Justice4All, INQUEST, Black Mental Health and many others.