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4WardEverUK and The Mikey Powell Campaign and others have joined forces to bring you a collection of useful services and online resources.

The support initiatives and services listed below are delivered by 4WardEverUK and a range of other partners or collaborators. On the main they are FREE to access by affected families and others. See more about our plans beyond 2017/18 here >

Family support & partner webpages:

We add new support links from time to time ..
Family Web Pages CollectiveVisit webpage
We launched the 'Family Web Pages Collective' in November 2005. Families will have a dedicated website designed for them at little or no charge giving any details they want ie; events, court hearings, appeals & messages etc. We will update the site at the request of nominated family members or train them to manage it themselves.
Find-a-Campaign (Social)Read more here
In this section you can view a collection of campaigns and good causes hosted on the Facebook and other social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter etc..
Find-a-Campaign (Web)Read more here
This section provides easy access to information on family campaign's and memorial websites in the United Kingdom and abroad. We will gradually build an extensive listing.
INQUEST Skills ToolkitView the webpage
The toolkit’s purpose is to help bereaved people and families navigate their way through the protracted and complex inquest process and assist them to build a range of skills to support their rights and access to information.
National Mikey Powell Memorial Family FundRead more here
The fund is the first permanent national resource of its kind for those affected by deaths in custody, making small grants available for families and their campaign groups across the United Kingdom.
United Families & Friends CampaignVisit the website
The United Families & Friends Campaign (UFFC), a coalition of those affected by deaths in police, prison and psychiatric custody, supports others in similar situations.

Events & online resources:

We add new resources from time to time ..
4WardEverUK on YouTubeVisit the website
Exploiting this vibrant and growing online media resource to give exposure to the Film INJUSTICE, about the struggles of families affected by, and victims of deaths in custody. Footage from other filmmakers is also featured.
Featured EventsRead more here
Notable events submitted to us, or held by 4WardEverUK, or in conjunction with other campaigns and third parties. Including Youth Voices 4 Justice (a collaboration with the United Families & Friends Campaign) with a focus on young people and families that have been affected by losing a relative or friend in custody.
Gallery 4 JusticeSee galleries here
Images of struggle and defiance for victims of injustice and those that have died in police, penal and mental health institutions in the UK and internationally. Showing solidarity with families that have lost loved ones and suffered injustice.
Get 4WardEverUK DocumentsView or download here
Here you can view various documents about the history, collaborations and future work of 4WardEverUK. The organisation was launched on 1st June 2006 by its founder, Tippa Naphtali, the cousin of Mikey Powell, who died in the custody of West Midlands police, Birmingham, United kingdom, in September 2003.
RedAlert HELP! DIY Advice OnlineView the portal here
The RedAlert DIY support portal provides an important resource online that is available 24/7, 365 days per year, and frequently updated. The portal consists of a type-recognition system that recognises key words and present answers or solutions to a query.
RedAlert HELP! on FacebookVisit Facebook page
This Facebook page was established to share points of progress in custody death campaigns and/or improvements to detention and custody in the United Kingdom. Launched as part of 4WardEverUK's RedAlert HELP! Initiative.


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