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Kester David

Police investigated over suspicious and gruesome death source / credits: David Leppard, Sunday Times submitted by: Zinzi Eka-Naphtali – March 2014 Updates on this case will be listed at the foot of this item Scotland Yard is facing a new race storm after a damning internal inquiry revealed “a catalogue […]

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David Oluwale arrived in England as a stowaway in 1949. He was briefly imprisoned in Leeds, where he subsequently settled and obtained work. In the 1950s he was placed in a mental hospital. In the late 1960s he was released, and became a vagrant.

David Oluwale

David Oluwale (Cont’d)

On 4 May 1969 David’s body is found at Knostrop weir, River Aire/ Aire-Calder canal junction by a group of boys. One of the boys (Wayne Batley) said “We all thought it was a sack or a Guy Fawkes but then it rolled over slightly with the current and I realised […]