INQUEST Project Update: ‘Unlocking the Truth for 40 Years’

INQUEST Unlocking the Truth flyer
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source: INQUEST
published: October 2022

Statement provided by: Naomi Oppenheim, 40 Years Project Coordinator

We would like to share some exciting news about our 40th anniversary project: Unlocking the Truth for 40 Years. A unique heritage project about INQUEST’s history.

Over the next year we will be reflecting on four decades of working alongside bereaved families in the fight for truth, justice and accountability.

The project includes archiving, oral history, public events, a photography exhibition and impact report. Over the next year there will be many opportunities to participate, from attending and contributing to several events and oral history.

We want to share a message of gratitude for everyone who has supported INQUEST over the past 40 years, and a feeling of hope and energy for the next 40 years, in which we will continue to stand with families and push for transformative justice and change.

If you would like to find out more, please take a look on our website for a short history of INQUEST, project overview, ways to get involved, and other useful resources.

Families who have worked with INQUEST over the past 40 years were invited to an online launch event on 20 October, where we shared more details about the project and explained how to contribute. We will also be holding an oral history training day 19 November, at the Bishopsgate Institute with On the Record.

You can also contact Naomi Oppenheim directly by email ( if you have any other 40th Project related enquiries.

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