A British citizen will die in prison in the US. Liz Truss won’t intervene

Blind justice law

source: The Independent
published: 29 September 2022

The Truss government has already proposed various controversial measures, from Kwasi Kwarteng’s tax cuts for rich people to Jacob Rees-Mogg’s reversal on fracking to Liz’s own elimination of the cap on bankers’ bonuses. Although the augurs are not good, it has not been easy for citizens to evaluate the actions of the new government, given that the media has been otherwise engaged for much of the last month.

Another unnoticed, yet nevertheless radical break in tradition took place just as the Queen sadly passed away. On September 6th, 2022, James Cleverly assumed the role of Foreign Secretary. One of the first actions his department took, three days later, was to refuse to intervene in Kris Maharaj’s desperate battle for justice in Florida.

Kris is 83 years old and was originally sentenced to death for the 1986 murder of Derrick and Duane Moo Young in Miami. The Foreign Office asked me to take his case on in 1993 (under Conservative Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd), and for the past 29 years I have developed a wealth of evidence corroborating Kris’ claim of innocence, despite the obdurate lack of transparency of the United Stated government. Meanwhile, Kris’s wife Marita, herself 82, has stood steadfastly by him.

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