National Memorial Family Fund fourth grants round summary

NATIONAL MEMORIAL FAMILY FUND 4th fund roundsource: National Family Fund
republished: 18 January 2022

The third National Mikey Powell Memorial Family Fund (NMPMFF) grant round closed on 7 December 2021. In this round the assessment team also awarded several Crisis Fund grants.

The Fund successfully allocated £11,940 in grants to 26 families/campaigns in the fourth round. This takes the total awarded over the life of the Fund to £37,940.

The Fund is very proud to have been able to support the families and campaigns listed below, and are grateful to our volunteers, donors and supporters that made it all possible:

Recipients of Family Fund grants included:

Desmond Maddix Family
Scott Mullen’s Family
The Trevor A Smith Campaign x2
Abdul Hamid’s Family
Justice 4 Daz Campaign
Justice for Allan Marshall
Sierra Leone School & Football Team
Justice for Winston
Charlie Millers Family
Justice for Jasmine
Touching on the death of Steven O’Neill
Justice for Mzee Mohammed
Justice 4 Hayley
Kieran Barrett’s Family
Gary Mavin’s Family
Justice for Monerville Brothers
Brandon Mortlock’s Family
Trevor Monerville’s Family x2
Justice for Gaia
Oskar Nash’s Family
Andrew Dean’s Family
Simeon Francis Family

See the ‘Grants Awarded’ page for details of some recipients:
Check out the National Family Album: 
Long term strategic plans:
The National Mikey Powell Memorial Family Fund has ambitious plans for the future. See more here >

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