Launch of the Memorial Family Fund Two-Way Give-Back shop

Give-Back Shop - National Memorial Family Fund

provided by: Tippa Naphtali
published: 22 July 2020

The  National Mikey Powell Memorial Family Fund (NMPMFF) is to launch its new ‘Two-Way Give-Back Shop’ by 15 August 2021 with support from the United Families & Friends Campaign (UFFC).

The ‘Two-Way Give-Back’ programme will block-purchase selected services or products from third party community-based and ethical traders, and offer them to affected families at heavily discounted prices. When families use/order services or products purchased, vendors simply give a little back!

Families can visit the shop to access products here :

The Service or Product Providers:
  1. Vendors get an optional listing on the ‘Two-Way Give-Back’ page with a brief summary and link to their web-page/online resource
  2. The optional listing is available at a fixed monthly fee of £9.50, or a fixed annual fee of £96.00. Other terms may be negotiable
  3. Vendors listings will be seen by 100’s of visitors to our website, and any of our current offers are also frequently communicated to our members and stakeholders via e-news and social media postings
  4. Vendors listed would also qualify to secure stalls/stands at the Funds public events, either FREE or at a reduced rate

Families claim products or services:

Affected families and campaigns can contact vendors direct to claim from the range of service and gift offers.

Note: Families would be provided with a unique reference code to redeem a voucher from the service vendors and product providers… It’s simple!

Not only will this be an easy way for readers and members to find interesting, ethical and grassroots products and services all in one place, but they will also be supporting a national social fund for families affected by custody deaths and killings.
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