Launch of the Family Fund MemberBASE, donor & membership one-stop portal

Family Fund MemberBase

source: 4WardEverUK
published: 4 July 2021

The National Mikey Powell Memorial Family Fund (NMPMFF) have introduced a brand new donation method which combines contributions to the Fund with a number of extra benefits. It’s called ‘MemberBASE’ and you can visit the online portal here:

Affected families may also want to register on MemberBASE for the extra benefits and early-bird funding round updates.

Visitors can register as FREE members, or be dual donor/members. ALL members have full control to manage and renew their subscriptions online. They will also be able to book onto Family Fund events and other activities.

The new donor platform gives you complete (and flexible) control over how you interact and support the work of the Fund. All of their ‘Member Options’ are flexible so you can dip in and out, increase or decrease your donations as you wish, and interact with other members as well as with the NMPMFF staff and/or volunteers. And all in one place!

Benefits to Family Fund donors and supporters:

  • Supporters can become FREE members (no donation required)
  • Secure personal account showing all their activities and donations
  • Single or multiple donor options with no long-term commitment
  • Real flexibility to adjust their donations month by month if needed
  • Join public e-update groups on topics such as funding round notices and event announcements etc (in development)
  • View and book tickets for our events & activities, recorded and stored in their accounts

and much more to come…

Benefits to the Memorial Family Fund:

  • A further means of interaction with families affected by state custody deaths and killings
  • Easier management & monitoring of donors activities
  • Precise recorded data on donations to the NMPMFF
  • Ability to engage with donors via multiple routes
  • Reducing the workload of the NMPMFF staff and volunteers
  • Single access point for administrative team members

Important Notes: If existing donors choose to use the MemberBase option they may want to cancel any current donations in PayPal to avoid duplication.

The standard PayPal method will remain available if you prefer.

“The Memorial Family Fund look forward to having you on board helping to support families affected by state custody deaths and killings”

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