Demand a new police investigation into the death of Ricky Reel

Ricky Reel
Ricky Reel

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published: October 2020

Provided by Sukhdev Reel, mother of Ricky Reel

We demand a new police investigation into the death of Ricky Reel including a review of all forensic evidence.

“My son died in suspicious circumstances in October 1997 after being racially abused and probably chased by the assailants. We expected, as a grieving family, for the case to be investigated thoroughly and without bias but experienced a litany of police failures, assumptions and stereotyping based on our colour.

“To compound our grief even further, we now know that police were spying on our family and our ‘Justice for Ricky Reel Campaign’ instead of finding his killers. My family and I have had our lives torn apart by the way we have been treated but I will never rest until we, through your support, get justice for my son. Please sign our petition.”

-Sukhdev Reel, mother of Ricky Reel-

“I support the call by the family of Ricky Reel and the Justice for Ricky Reel Campaign for the police to review the case of Ricky Reel afresh including a review of forensic evidence in the light of recent technological advances. Please sign the Petition and share.”

-John McDonnell Member of Parliament for Hayes & Harlington-

What happened to Ricky?

The case of Ricky Reel is an alarming tale of police indifference and institutional racism but also of a tenacious struggle for justice by his family and their supporters.

Over two decades ago, on 14 October 1997, Ricky Reel, then aged 20, a university student went out with his Asian friends to Kingston upon Thames. They were racially abused and attacked. His friends managed to regroup after the incident but Ricky was never seen alive again. He was probably chased towards River Thames where his body was eventually found seven days later, only hundreds of yards away from the location of the racial incident.

The police tried to persuade the family that his death was simply a ‘tragic accident’ and never acknowledged the racial motive nor the gravity of the incident. In that fateful first week, the family and their campaigners were forced to carry out their own searches, conduct witness appeals and gathered vital information and evidence, including identifying CCTV image showing Ricky’s last moments.

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