I know how George Floyd’s family feels – racist officers watched my brother die’

Christopher Alder
Christopher Alder

source: Hull Daily Mail
published: 2 June 2021

A year on from the murder of George Floyd, Janet Alder explains in her own words the pain of her brother’s death.

Christopher Alder, 37, died on the floor of a Hull police station in 1998 with officers standing around him allegedly making racist monkey noises. His sister Janet has been campaigning ever since for justice.

One year on since the death of George Floyd, Janet shares the similarities between the two cases and how Floyd’s tragic death brought back memories from her brother’s case.

A year has passed since I – along with the rest of the world – watched the video of George Floyd’s life being casually snuffed out in utter horror.

Seeing Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on his neck for over nine minutes, I even felt my own chest restricting and throat closing.

It reminded me of another black man I’d seen slowly die in police custody – my own brother, Christopher.

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