Ultraviolence : June 2021 BFI London screenings announced

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source: Migrant Media
published:  8 May 2021

It has taken 19 years for Ken Fero to complete Ultraviolence, a shocking exposé of deaths resulting from beatings, shootings, teargassing, asphyxiation and neglect. Fero is now back with Ultraviolence, another collaboration with Tariq Mehmood and their film-making collective Migrant Media, documenting deaths and killings in police custody.

Details and links to June 2021 screenings for the new film Ultraviolence are here: www.ultraviolencefilm.com/screenings

Ken Fero said;
“20 years after the release of Injustice here we go again.
After the BFI launch we are planning to take Ultraviolence around as part of a new political campaign on the issue of police killings that we are developing with the families who are still resisting the erasure of the deaths by the state. If you want to host a screening please email us: ultraviolencedocumentary@gmail.com.”

The film follows the families who have lost loved ones on their heroic, if thwarted, fights for justice. We witness the horror of their loss, see them build up hopes of justice, and gradually see that hope pricked. Nearly all the victims are people of colour – a reminder that Britain has been every bit as contaminated by police brutality over the decades as the US.

Injustice started with the death of a Nigerian asylum-seeker, Shiji Lapite, in 1994. Lapite, 34, died in a police van shortly after being detained by two plainclothes Metropolitan police officers who claimed he had been acting suspiciously.

Ken Fero : Ultraviolence

“The silence over the police killings of Black people is now broken. Since 1969, over two thousand people have died at the hands of the police in the UK. Shootings, chokeholds, batons, gassing, suffocation, restraint and brutal beatings are some of the methods used. The numbers of deaths is escalating. Inevitably police officers involved are not convicted for these killings.”

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