The cops murdered anti-fascist Blair Peach, then spied on his partner

Undercover Spy Hackersource: Socialist Worker
published: 7 May 2021

Celia Stubbs gave evidence to the Undercover Policing Inquiry (UCPI) on Thursday. Police killed her partner Blair Peach during a protest in Southall, west London, on 23 April 1979. He was 33 when they killed him, a teacher and a member of the Socialist Workers Party.

The cops ran amok through Southall and hundreds of people were injured. 2,756 cops ensured the Nazi National Front could have a rally despite thousands of anti-fascist protesters.

Celia said that officers “abused their surveillance powers to protect themselves from facing justice”. Celia added the “improper surveillance” on her was particularly unpleasant because it took place when she was grieving for Blair.

The spies recorded the names of people who attended Blair’s funeral. Photographs of those who attended were shared among the undercover officers in order to identify other mourners.

In her written statement, she said, “The killing of Blair Peach is an important episode of alleged police misconduct of the most serious kind that remains unresolved.

“I believe my case and the circumstances of my surveillance shed light on a significant aspect of how the police behaved in response to Blair’s killing.

“They wanted to know what I was doing and what others who were helping me were doing, with the obvious inference that they did so to ensure that they stayed one step ahead of our campaign to hold Blair’s killers to account.”

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