IAPDC publishes report on priorities for prevention of deaths in immigration centres

Woman in Prisonsource: The IAPDC
published: 23 March 2021

Today (March 23, 2021) the Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody (IAPDC) publishes ‘Priorities for a prevention of deaths strategy in Immigration Removal Centres’ alongside the Home Office’s proposed Action Plan in response.

In 2018 the Home Office asked the IAPDC to provide advice on issues pertaining to deaths, ‘near misses’, and incidents of serious self-harm in immigration detention.

The request was made in support of three recommendations relating to deaths in detention made by Stephen Shaw in his independent Review into the Welfare in Detention of Vulnerable Persons in 2016.

The IAPDC was provided with information from the Home Office relevant to these recommendations and supplemented this with additional research findings.

Professor Seena Fazel, Professor of Forensic Psychiatry at the University of Oxford and an IAPDC member, gave advice on research and research priorities. The panel also consulted with staff members at Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre in November 2019.

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