Stephen Lawrence Day 2021 : Remembered 28 years on…

Stephen Lawrence
Stephen Lawrence

source: Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation
published: April 2021

Stephen Lawrence Day was first celebrated in 2019 and takes place annually on 22 April, the date of Stephen’s death. The Day is marked officially in the British calendar as a celebration of Stephen’s life and legacy.

The Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation, was established amid unprecedented growing global awareness of racial inequality, and exists to inspire a more equal, inclusive society, and to foster opportunities for marginalised young people in the UK.

The Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation has been working tirelessly with stakeholders in education, business, and government to develop a framework that will become the bedrock of the foundation’s future work. Read more here >

Stephen’s Timeline : 1974 to Present

4WardEverUK published its case profile on Stephen in October 2004.
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On the 20th anniversary of Stephen’s death his mother, Doreen Lawrence, said her ‘pain is raw’, at a memorial service that took place at St Martin-in-the-Fields, near Trafalgar Square in central London. Her 18-year-old son, an aspiring architect, was murdered in a racist attack as he waited for a bus in Eltham, south east London, on 22 April 1993.

Doreen said: “My pain is raw, and that of my children. Over the years as a family we have mourned in our separate ways, not daring to speak out loud about our feelings. As a result of Stephen’s murder, I was brought into an activist’s role, one that I was not prepared for. It was like walking in the dark during the early days and, at times, it still feels that way.”

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Video: Dr Zephaniah – What has Stephen Lawrence Taught Us?

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